Kevin Quevedo Rumor Mill Edition

The strongest link to NYCFC this offseason has been Peruvian international Kevin Quevedo. NYCFC has been linked to the Alianza Lima winger since mid-October.

Peruvian newspaper Libero reported on Saturday that Quevedo was going to make a MLS move to either NYCFC or Minnesota United, but Jeff Reuter, Loons beat reporter for The Athletic, tweeted that Minnesota was not in play.

If Quevedo signs, it looks like the club strategy towards roster building is going to be towards signing Young DPs like Quevedo and Jesus Medina. Both players will save NYCFC over $600k in precious cap space and could give NYCFC the flexibility to sign another player in the salary range of Alexander Callens or Alexander Ring.

Tactically, this gives Dome Torrent another pacey pure winger to implement his 4141 version of the 433 instead of the inverted cut-inside player preferred by Patrick Vieira. The big question that we still to have answer is where exactly does Jesus Medina and Ismael Tajouri-Shradi fit into this lineup? Both left-footed players seem to do better playing as cut-inside right wingers, rather than playing on the left side. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Medina move permanently to central midfield this season.

Regardless of whether the Quevedo rumor pans out, if you are looking for a big name DP to come in for NYCFC in 2018, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

How Should You Feel About David Villa’s #USL2Queens Project?

The update on David Villa‘s Queensboro Maybe or Maybe Not United FC elicited a wide range of reactions. If a USL team is able to get a stadium site at Willets Point before NYCFC gets a stadium, we will riot. It could be the last straw for many Founding Members that have put up with the subpar conditions and value of their club memberships at Yankee Stadium since the beginning.

I am looking at this as a good sign that progress is being made on the GAL/Parking Garage Site next to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. No politician is going to choose a USL team over a MLS team at Willets Point if they had a choice.

Whether an MLS or USL team gets the Willet Point site, the road is going to be bumpy and full of challenges. Local groups are already organizing against the stadium.

Five Reasons Jonathan Lewis Got Called Up to the USMNT

A lot of people were surprised to see Jonathan Lewis get a USMNT call-up this past week and will be joining teammate Sean Johnson at Camp Cupcake. Here’s five reasons why he may have been called up:

  1. While Lewis has not been able to break into the NYCFC lineup for either Vieira or Torrent on a consistent basis, he had some great performance in limited minutes against Gregg Berhalter’s Columbus Crew.
  2. He could also be a great fit for the cut inside left wing position that Justin Meram filled for so long for Berhalter with the Crew.
  3. This could be a move looking towards the 2020 Summer Olympics rather than a serious Senior National Team look.
  4. There is also a possibility that NYCFC is trying to move Lewis and Berhalter is giving exposure to a young player in the pipeline with the hopes of moving him to team that will get him more playing time. A young American attacker that can score in the USMNT pipleline on a Generation Adidas contract is going to be desired by someone.
  5. This is Camp Cupcake. This is more logical than Tommy McNamara making the squad last year.

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