Everyone Gets a Young American Midfielder Edition

The big news of the past two weeks were the official signings of a trio of young American midfielders Keaton Parks, Juan Pablo Torres, and Justin Haak.

Undoubtedly, these moves not only show the hand of Claudio Reyna, but a organizational shift towards valuing American youth players in the USNMT structure that started with the drafting of Jonathan Lewis, and the signing of homegrown players James Sands & Joe Scally.

From a purely economic standpoint, the shift is very understandable. Homegrown players help create cap space. TAM has lead to an increase in international signings, and value of those international roster spots. For a team as dependent on quality international signings for those finite roster spots, the need to maximize domestic depth and production across the board is for the utmost importance.

The big question, especially with the move to retain Ebenezer Ofori on loan this season, is how do all of these young players get minutes. Loans are not going to be out of the question considering the successful loans stints that Andre Rawls, Saad Abdul-Salaam, and James Sands had last year. Expect Haak along with Scally to play heavy minutes for the Academy U19s.

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