Take Me Out to the Nashville Edition

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So there is a super cool new website in the NYCFC series of tubes called The Outfield put together by Dummy Run that I am excited to be apart of. He has put together a great, smart group of writers that hopefully fill some of the void of interesting, original NYCFC content.

Chris and Chris put out a great preview on our incoming new players. My first feature came out on Wednesday on Jesus Medina‘s DP status and other roster rules and oddities that impacted NYCFC’s offseason. Dummy did a great job turning the drivel I call writing into a something that people actually enjoyed reading.

Please give us a follow, because there is some great stuff in the pipeline coming out next week!

The Orlando Preseason Blackout

Neither of our two games in Orlando versus Orlando City or Minnesota were streaming so there is not really a lot to write about. The one constant seems to be the 4141 variant of the 433 seems to be our go-to tactic, with some 4231 on the side. Some hero from Minnesota streamed the second game on his phone. God bless you, sir.

Thread has the links to the rest of the first half and entire second half.

Spring Training Preseason Finale in Nashville

What better way to prep for a season in a baseball stadium then to play your last preseason game in a baseball stadium?

City sported a 4231 against USL and future MLS member Nashville SC with Ebeneezer Ofori and Alexander Ring in the double pivot. While Ofori looked ok next to Ring, his insertion in the starting XI makes you question why a more offensively skilled Keaton Parks did not make an appearance.

Alexandru Mitrita scored a banger, but the combo of Mitrita, Maxi Moralez, and Jonathan Lewis looked a little disjointed at times. Lewis needs more game time at CF if that is the position he is going to play, and hopefully Mitrita and Moralez can adjust to each quickly during the season.

Congratulations if you had middle of the preseason in the Ronald Matarrtta injury pool!

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