Goalie Wars Edition

There was a lot to like and alongside a nice helping of meh in NYCFC’s draw vs. DC United that showcased some great saves by Sean Johnson and Bill Hamid and excuse to use the following clip.

Dome Torrent put forth a 4231 to combat DC United’s deadly duo of Luciano Acosta (P.S. he’s really good) and Wayne Rooney. As I noted in The Outfield’s March Preview, Rooney can counter teams that try to shutdown Acosta by coming into the midfield as a false 9. The 4231 with two defensive-minded midfielders James Sands and Alexander Ring was great counter for this and Dome deserves a tip of the cap.

However, the offensive side of the ball still looks very raw. Maxi Moralez and Alexandru Mitrita did not combine well until the end of the game when they both moved centrally. The starting lineup probably needed to not have both Jonathan Lewis and Ismael Tajouri-Shradi sitting on the bench.

While, the Sands-Ring tandem worked well, it would have been nice to see Keaton Park. With 15 minutes left, NYCFC had a firm handle on a DC team that had been tired out by the Pigeon’s possession game. Getting a more offensive-minded player like Parks to help hunt for that last goal was the aggressive move to make.

Understatement to say a #9 is need. Could be Mitrita’s turn next game against LAFC.

NYFC 0, DC United 0

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